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Skin tips & tricks

Summer Safe Treatments for Glowing Skin!

We get it, the summer months in Saskatoon are short, and we all want to spend as much time as …

Saskatoon laser hair removal

How to prep for a laser hair removal

Our all-time most popular treatment is laser hair removal. Nothing compares to getting rid of unwanted hair forever. If you’ve …

botox vs dysport

Mixing injectables with facials

Have you ever wondered how to space out your injection appointment with your Unload the Junk facial? The rule of …

peeling skin

How to care for your skin after a Chemical Peel

The cold, February wind in Saskatchewan means dry and dull skin. This is one of the many reasons why chemical …

Exfoliating Polish (65 g)

Exfoliator Products (my top three picks)

A good exfoliator can be hard to find. Some cause skin tears, irritation, acne, dry spots, uneven texture and premature …

Pregnancy safe treatments

Get your GLOW on with these pregnancy safe treatments

We all picture the perfect pregnancy, the one that gives our skin an endless glow. In reality, our skin may …

iS Clinical Products

Pregnancy and nursing safe skincare products- iS Clinical Guide

Pregnancy and nursing-safe skincare products are confusing! First of all, pregnancy-safe and nursing-safe are not the same. The body responds …

ZO Skin Health

Pregnancy and nursing safe skincare products – ZO Guide

Pregnancy and nursing safe skincare products can be extremely confusing. To start, you should know that the body does not …

Acne face map detail

Acne: Face Map

Acne is a chronic skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles clog up with oil and dead skin cells. …

drops of cosmetic & pharmaceutical grade skin care

Cosmetic Grade vs. Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care

In this article, we will be answering one question: what is the difference between cosmetic-grade and pharmaceutical-grade skincare products? The …

nurse wearing face mask for covid 19

Keeping your skin happy during COVID-19

Wearing a face mask for a large part of the day will leave your skin less than happy. We all …

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