Exfoliator products (my top 3 picks)

A good exfoliator can be hard to find.

Some exfoliators can be too harsh on your delicate skin and can cause nightmares like tears in the skin, irritation, acne, dry spots, uneven texture, and premature ageing.

For those looking for our perfect skin match, these are my tried and tested favourites.

ZO Skin Health: Exfoliating Polish

This gives you the ultra-satisfying feeling of a physical exfoliator, but ZERO of the skin damage. ZO’s Exfoliating Polish is formulated with tiny magnesium oxide crystals that are shaped like golf balls. This unique shape allows dead skin and debris to be gently picked up; getting rid of a dull-looking complexion. My favourite ingredient in this formulation is tea tree oil. This powerful anti-microbial ingredient will dissolve excess sebum and kill acne-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Having this product in my arsenal makes me look forward to my skincare routine. My skin instantly feels smoother and refreshed.

How to use

  1. Take a pea-sized amount and distribute to the different areas of the face
  2. Massage gently in circular motions for 1-2 minutes
  3. Thoroughly rinse the product with warm water

Madison’s Pro Tip: Use this product in the shower to get the best exfoliation and make rinsing easier.

 I recommend using this product 3-4 times a week.

Exfoliating Polish (65 g)

IS Clinical: Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque

This creamy formula takes a different approach to exfoliation… active enzymes! Papaya, pineapple, and blood orange extracts give you a tingling sensation as the enzymes are hard at work. They break down dead skin and oils to clear out clogged pores and exfoliate off dead skin. Like pac-men eating away dead skin cells. This masque makes fitting exfoliation into your routine so easy!

How to use

  1. Take a quarter-sized amount and massage into clean skin or (Tingling during the massage is completely normal)
  2. Let it sit and work its magic (This product can sit on the skin for 3-5 minutes)
  3. Make sure to rinse all product residue off of your skin

Madison’s Pro Tip: Rinse with warm water to help the product break down acne and clogged pores.

I recommend using this product 2-3 times a week.

Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque

ZO Skin Health: Dual Action Scrub

This powerful scrub is best used on oily or acne-prone skin. It pairs physical and chemical exfoliation perfectly using little granules and lactic acid. Tea tree oil can also be found in this product. It helps to dissolve excess sebum and kill microbes that sit in the skin and cause acne such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Your skin will feel immediately refreshed and so so smooth.

How to use

  1. Take a pea-sized amount and distribute to the different areas of the face
  2. Massage gently for 1-2 minutes in circular motions
  3. Rinse well with warm water

Madison’s Pro-Tip: If you have sensitive skin, mix this scrub with a small amount of water for a gentler exfoliation.

I recommend using this product 3-4 times a week.

Dual Action Scrub (116 g)
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